curl in bundle

The Curl In bundle comes with one (1) slate, one (1) sandstone, and one (1) navy blanket.

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get two gifts and get a blanket for yourself with this limited time bundle

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about this blanket

The limited time Curl In bundle comes with 1 blanket of each color: slate, sandstone, and navy, so everyone can curl in for the holidays.

What sizes are available?

We ship in one size only at the moment: 70 inches by 50 inches.

Will it shrink?

Yes, but we ship it to you at a length of 85 inches by 67 inches to accommodate any shrinkage.

What exactly is it made of?

They are all poly-cotton, 50% combed, ring-spun cotton for superior softness and 50% nylon for strength and durability.

Can I wash it at home?

Absolutely! We recommend cold water and standard detergent (no bleach). In fact, with each wash your Curl In blanket will get softer and softer and softer and softer and softer and....

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, but soon ;)

What exactly is combed, ringspun cotton, and why do you use it?

Our number one priority is the same as yours when you go to pick out a blanket to curl in with: softness. Ringspun cottons go through a spinning process that whips the cotton into straighter and softer strands. After the spinning, the cotton is combed meticulously for imperfections, impurities, and weak strings. We use the highest quality cotton because it's what we wanted in our homes! Plus, when you're hand-crafting blankets you see every single fiber which makes it much tougher to look past the stiffness and imperfections you find in regular cotton.

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