3% of every purchase to fighting domestic violence

A brand is only as good as its mission. We wanted to pursue three things that matter to us: create the first consumer blanket brand, surround ourselves with comfort and security, and support those who have had those luxuries stripped away by violence in the home.

So we partnered with the NCADV: the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, because we want to see change. Because battered women's shelters don't get much help or publicity. Because 20% of women in the US have been raped. Because affecting change won't happen until we take a step and bring the conversation to the forefront.

Even if you're not looking for a blanket, you can still get involved here.


calls are made to domestic violence hotlines every day

1 in 10

blankets made will go to battered women's shelters around the US


of every purchase goes to the NCADV

1 in 15

children are exposed to intimate partner violence each year